Weaving a glittered web of wonder, healing & luminosity; through the art, self love, creation and gentle wilderness.


Our Faith

To create beauty and to inspire beauty by honouring our pure creative potential, our capability to heal ourselves and others while tapping into the generous and ancient wisdom of our mother Earth. 

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Our founder

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Sometimes known as Stacey, sometimes Elara, our founder is a fae at home within her creative expansion and the willingness to learn from the wisdom of wilderness. Watering passion for the arts, therapy, conscious creation & community, Fae's faith was created as a home for all of these and more. Thoughts, art & the musings of an inspiring collective of beings. 






Here at fae's faith we feature and celebrate the works of artists, healers and inspiring leaders who use their visionary passions to honour the wilderness of humanity by creating a safe home and outlet to be your most authentic self.

We believe that humanity are capable of healing our home, our hearts and our bodies through the eternal embrace of unconditional love, creative abundance and stepping our souls sensually on the body of earth - one foot at a time.