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Client Testimonials

With love 

This course has helped me tremendously during this pandemic .It has given me a true sense of peace . I feel safe and at home in my body amidst the external chaos of the world . I love that I could share personal insights and progress with other women in the course , as well . Now more than ever , a sense of support and community is extremely appreciated . To anyone interested, I highly recommend embarking on the devotion to self journey


I stumbled across the Instagram post about devotion to self and instinctively felt so beautifully drawn to it. I didn’t know what to expect from it and I was completely blown away. Stacey’s presence, her ability to make me feel completely safe and held and her soothing voice was exactly was I didn’t know I needed. Being a mother and living in this modern age there’s not a lot of places where you can let release, be vulnerable and held in this way. Forever grateful and in love 


I’ve always admired Stacey’s ability to be open, care free, and comfortable within her existence. Teachers arrive in many forms, and I believe that Stacey is a wonderful channel for people to unfold those parts of themselves that have not been nurtured or deeply breathed into yet. When this course ended, I was upset that it was over. After reviewing my reflections, I now see that this isn’t the end but only the beginning. As you get older, you always feel like you’re falling behind somehow. Working with Stacey through rituals, I’ve come to understand that my expansion is evolutionary.
This course couldn’t have come at a more aligned time for me. I’ve always been held at this expectation on who I was supposed to be to the point where I’ve forgotten what it meant to devote my life to myself. Having Stacey not only as a mentor, but also as a second mother, has allowed me to finally exist within my sensations. I feel like I’m starting to understand what my spirit needs to move at its own pace. With this community, no one gets left behind, and I’m truly grateful for it because we’re all returning to love in this safe space.