The Bramble and the Cuckoo Pint

a divine union

Ever so cruel, the gentle hairs that burst forth from your skin, only to sting mine. Ever so harsh, the pain that stains me. But ever so sweet the fruit that you bare and the medicine you gift. One taste of you upon my lips and i shall know, I am Goddess.

We are both a native to this land, but I, still fickle to your wisdom, long to tame your wild. Can it be so, to tame such a tangled friend? To learn the routes of your veins. So beautiful, how you can cause and take away pain. Is this a lesson for humanity? Is this a lesson for me? The beauty in polarity, in give and take, light and dark. cause & effect.

I am the cause, I am the effect. I am the healer, I am the pain.

I am both man and woman, just like you cuckoo pint, but your beauty, she is poison, and under your beauty lays beauty itself. A home of creation, wonder and use. Pride in the beauty of sexuality.

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