The Pleasure in Pain

Updated: Sep 6

Once you cast a light upon your shadow self, you begin to understand that the shadow is merely a concept of the complexities of humanhood that your mind struggles to accept.

In essence, we have been taught that any emotion that isn't joy is a bad one, and should not be felt, not in ways that can be seen.

And so, from this, we are not often given the space nor knowledge on how to sit with, honour and process our emotions in unique and healthy ways. And while emotions may of course feel bad, the repercussions of denying them usually feel much, much, worse.

If you notice, most unresolved emotional pain usually ends up somewhere in the body. We accumulate tension, insomnia, headaches, stomach cramps, disease and so much more, just from denying the parts of us that exist to make us whole.

And so, by accepting the pain that lives in your shadows, you are honouring and giving space to yourself, as a whole and complete human being - a being who experiences the complexities of human life. Feeling them, learning from them and transforming the beautiful human gifts to think, feel and feed your soul with nourishing and affirming experiences.

As an age and as we age, we lose touch of our wild, our depths, our roots and connections, in replace of an endless search for liberation within the very system that oppressed us in the first place.

The search is endless, because liberation can only come from within. The deep dark, pits of your soul that hold all the richness of life.

To cast a light upon your wilderness is to shine in the cages of patriarchal oppression and leave a blaze of illumination in the face of those left behind.

You will walk with the clarity of soul as your soles read the history of you. Trusting the ground you walk upon, as she leads you into bliss.

When you choose to see the pleasure in your pain, to feel the pleasure in your pain, that's when your pain begins to serve a purpose, and you can seek to heal it.

Consciously seeking out the root cause of one's emotions, traumas, physical or spiritual, serves as a liberation like no other.

And turning these truths into bodily experiences is like being reborn from the ashes of Earth herself.

To seek your tension is to seek your relief.

And there is so much pleasure in your exhale, that you feel ready for another breath.

Alot of the pleasure you can find through the pain, is often felt by movement, by deep connection. Merging your conscious with the sub.

It can too be felt by, the inherent relief that comes with the acknowledgement of your troubles.

Reflection through writing or speech can too be quite potent.

The potency is in your expression and your conscious drive to free yourself of the pain you've been living In.

Expression is the magick of your soul.

Your movement is your expression, your voice is too, your words, your art, your touch, your love.

What is the freedom you want to feel, what do you need to share, what is the song you need to sign in order to soothe yourself?

For me, each form of expression is chosen by what most needs tending to, what flowers in my garden are wilting, which ones are swarmed on by pests. This could come in the form of art, dance, yoga, a bath, or simply stepping your bare feet on the earth. You can usually hear the cries from beneath your skin, calling out for attention.

The body always knows what she needs. It's up to you to listen.

Do you need rest, mediation, sleep, water? What kind of movement feels best suited to your situation? What type of touch would be most pleasing?

Sitting with your soul and accepting the experiences your body longs for is the ultimate act of true self love. Creating personal rituals as a way of honouring thy self, as a way of acknowledging your divinity. Experimenting with movement techniques, dances, touches. Grounding yourself in the wombs of earth. Swimming, walking, running. Tending to plants, performing personal tea ceremonies, finding your unique art form. There is so much to learn when you listen to your body, to your instinct, to your wild.

There is so much to learn when discovering the self. There is so much to learn when devoting to self.

You deserve the pleasure. You deserve the peace. But only YOU can create it for yourself.

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