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Do you ever just sit and think about how timing really can be everything and nothing all in instance? And how the possibility of creating your own divine encounters are perhaps more powerful than the theory of time itself?

Our relations to time are often unfathomable, hard to comprehend - how a day can feel like a year, and year a minute.

This is how I felt when I realised that nearly a year ago I was contacted by a beautiful woman named Taylor, on behalf of her creation - Thinking Space - a wonderful online community of growth and evolution, holding conversations that encourage inner work and elevated consciousness, much like this space, to interview for their online journal. I guess, when she first asked, I had no clue how to answer the questions with conviction, with gumption and honesty, I think, I was still trying to find the answers for myself and well, I most definitely had an underlying fear of being seen, being heard, being misunderstood. When I think about how I became who I am and what I'm known for online, I guess, I fell into the position, I didn't plan for it, I didn't expect it, but I most certainly welcomed it with my arms wide open. And I've been accepting my growth a little at a time, gifting myself the space for limitless expansion.

And so, almost a year on, as I begin my journey of these online musings and connecting people through art and evolution, I was reminded of the questions someone had asked me too, finally feeling ready to answer them. Finally ready to accept my own voice in the same way I accept and celebrate the voice of others.

When I sat down to answer, I knew instinctively that I wanted to share my thoughts here too, a musing of my own is as much for me, as it is for all of you. I feel so honoured by the patience and understanding of the beautiful Taylor, to allow me all these months of growth and change, and the freedom to share our words here too.

Thank you.

Your creative direction and photography images are often of the unfiltered female form and encapsulate beautifully, the feminine; I can’t help but resonate with these honest depictions. Have you always gravitated towards female subjects with your work?

Yes, most definitely. There is something so poetic, so honest and energetic about the female form. There is so much creation within us, and our bodies themselves, are our own personal landscapes, so much to discover when you gaze upon the female form. So much to discover when you gaze upon yourself. The uniqueness in shape, tone, texture, is what I find most to my amazement, but also, how the uniqueness is what makes us similar.

Nature too seems to be something very central to your work, can you describe the importance of celebrating such subjects and the need to make work around it? What do you think nature can teach us during this time?

I think our problem is that we see ourselves separate to nature, to plants, to animals, to minerals and energy. We think of ourselves as outsiders to the natural world, even those of us who try our best to work with it, perhaps because as a collective we believe to have evolved past it, simply because we have learned to obverse it rather than exist inside of it.

Often observation is the key to separation, and separation usually breeds fear and a lack of truthful understanding. We begin to see ourselves as better than, different to, but this is not the case. Once we learn the truth in the Earth and recognise that although we have learned to observe her, we are not guests here, we are made of here. We belong and we are not separate at all. It takes a while to comprehend this, to really let it sink into your bones and into your DNA, mostly because we have had YEARS AND YEARS of conditioning to believe in our separation. This unlearning and relearning will most certainly take a lifetime, but it's up to you to do this work. And for me, my creativity is part of the work, when I photograph something it allows me to see it in truth and in relation to all that I am.

When I photograph a flower for instance, I see how our skin is mirrored in texture and pattern, but I also see her stand alone beauty, her magic and how her performance permeates in the world. I can use her as inspiration to let myself shine and I can admire her growth and seasons much like my own. And this is true when I photograph a human too, our similarities are our differences, we are all the same and we are all different. Nature exists in my work because nature exists in me. I think remembering this can teach us all true compassion.

With that in mind, what is the experience of putting yourself, or a version of yourself, back into those familiar territories? What do you think a self portrait can speak that any other medium cant? What do you hope with your work these images teach? Have you had any memorable responses have you had to your work?

If I'm honest, I've never hoped for my work to teach anything. I create entirely for myself, if I'm not creating, I simply can't function well and sink into a hole of depression and frustration. Whether it's photography or writing, which admittedly, I prefer, It's all a form of self love. self appreciation, freedom of expression.

I am so much in awe of the reception my work gets, and truthfully, it pushes me to keep sharing. I didn't expect to be received in such a beautiful way, but I am sooo grateful that I am. Anytime I receive a message or comment from someone who sees themselves in my work, I cry a little and my heart feels so full. it's so beautiful and humbling and makes me so proud that I choose to share myself in such an honest and creative way that feeds my soul.

I think a portrait can share the honesty in your growth, and offer a reflection of someone they might not usually see for themselves. Sometimes I use self portraiture to see the beauty within myself, and I think people see that beauty in themselves too.

With that in mind, what’s the most integral part to your work as an artist? And what role do you think, an artist like yourself has in our current society?

Hmm, I have no clue.

I think my role is to be relatable and inspiring.

You know, when I first read this question half of me felt ill prepared to answer and the other half felt really icky about it. I think we are taught so much to hide hide the love we have for ourselves, calling those who share it 'delusional' . Are they delusions or are they aspirations for something more wholesome and more potent? High hopes that you have for yourself. It took a little while to feel comfortable in answering this question with truth. But yes, what my truth is, is that I hope my work to spark change in others, to help people heal from shame, to understand our truths, sink into our human experiences and let our fae's fly free.

I hope to be both relatable and inspirational. I think my work is that.

As a fellow creative, I’m interested to know how do you take time out to reconnect?

Creation for me is re-connection, it is my human purpose, anything that requires movement, connection to body, connection to arts. Dancing, singing, writing. fucking, photographing, feeling the earth, arranging flowers, anything my soul enjoys, this is what I do re-connect.

What are some of your favourite ways of incorporating natural healing into your life and practising self care?

A few years a go I studied as a herbalist and still do to this day. Working with plants is a life long journey, botany is an endless source of inspiration, medicine and magic. I love to make tea blends, body oils, body scrubs, smudge sticks, you name it. But again, all in the name of creation, and creating with home is so potent, so wonderful.

If you could have a tea ceremony with any 5 guests who would you invite and why?

Five of my closest friends because it would be full of laughter, love and fun.

If you had unlimited resources (including team and a super powerful contact list) what would be your dream project?

To make a movie or a series of short movies. I have always wanted to make a stunning visual masterpiece full of emotion and wonder, I have been manifesting it for years so I know it will happen one day.

What would be your advice to women looking to find their inner essence?

Connect to earth. Connect to your senses. Connect to your body. Connect to your pleasures. Dance, sing, cry, create.

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