Womb Wilderness with Hannah Hooper

There is a wild within the womb, a wild that we have long been taught to tame, to shame, to conceal and bury. A wild that harbours not only life, but inspiration, art, passion, pain, and generations worth of unhealed trauma.

There is so much to uncover when we begin to work with the womb, and it is often an untapped source of potent healing energy. For many of us we often find that our womb space is where we find our own personal truths that differ so vastly from the outdated rules we have grown up with. Usually a lot of our energy tends to build in this space, our womb, our Sacral Chakra. There is a lot of shame we carry as a collective, especially for those of us who bleed, and this build up of energy causes stagnancy, a stagnancy that can be quite hard to shake. But shaking is what we must do. Shake, tremble and quake with pain and power to liberate all who walk after you, and all who have walked before.

It feels as though we are finally entering this space, the space of liberation, freedom, knowledge and potent collective healing. The understanding of anatomy, the bonding of masculine & feminine.



The obstruction of shame and of the false belief that our bodies are not simply perfect as they are.

With no sight of sin in the skin & blood of a woman. Let it pour down the leg of the womb wearer, and you will see, the power that lies within...

photo by Hannah Hooper

Welcome all, to "womb wilderness" a conversation with me, Elara & one of my favourite womb wisdom keepers, Hannah Hooper, who will be answering my questions : How do we discover the wilderness within and use it to connect to the womb wisdom of mother earth herself? How do we use this wisdom to create our own realities free from constraints of the past? How can we use father sun as a way to balance the power within? And lastly, what ways of the past do you use as inspiration for womb space connection?

Shall we begin?

How do we discover the wilderness within and use it to connect to the womb wisdom of mother earth herself?

For me discovering and tapping into my wildness is through embracing and embodying every part of myself, the beautiful, the ugly, the primal, pleasure, bliss, grief. All emotions, sensations and feelings are here to be experienced. To be tapped into my wild means to embrace all these aspects of myself. Like nature which is constantly experiencing the changes of the seasons, and the process of birth, death, and re-birth, I experience this when I bleed and through connecting deeply with my emotional landscape at each phase of my cycle. - Hannah Yes, acceptance is perhaps the greatest challenge for mankind, but acceptance is inherently the first step of any healing journey, understanding that being human comes with cycles, especially when you have a strong feminine presence within. We ebb, we flow, our moods fluctuate, our beliefs differ, as we grow older we learn knew things, then we unlearn these things. society plays a big hand in shaping how we feel about ourselves. but society has an idealised concept of what being human means, however, not one person, not even those who tells us how to be, live by these ideals. And so we put insane amounts of pressure on ourselves, for no reason except vanity. but this vanity doesn't even serve us, it serves this false belief that we have to be something someone else created. Learning to accept all parts of yourself, the good, the bad the ugly, the cycles we must live by, the times of rest, the times of energy, understanding that one way, one thing, one emotion can not always serve our highest good. - Elara

How do we use this wisdom to create our own realities free from constraints of the past?

When we connect with our wild woman, and our bleed, we are connecting to a collective history that goes back to the beginning of humanity. Bleeding is ancient, it's primal, it's powerful, and it's beautiful. Yet, we have forgotten this. Through years of suppressing our bleed, through shame that has been put on this natural and potent time of our lives, we have denied ourselves the bliss and beauty that comes with bleeding. This has led to a collective disconnect from the womb, from our pleasure, and our creativity. When we reclaim this part of ourselves, release shame and hold reverence for this part of ourselves, we create a reality that supports bleeding, and honours it as a sacred time. Connecting with our womb and our blood is the first step back to reclaiming our wild. - Hannah

I think, what I meant by this question, was how do we use our new connection to learn more about who we are and what we need on a personal level, free from outdated beliefs, free from shame. But I guess, honouring our blood is such a beautiful first step. i have been doing this with each bleed since birthing my third child. I had this instinct to learn more about my blood, what it can do, how it makes me feel, how my body responds to my cycles and yes, it has been such a wonderful healing time. These lessons have been teaching me so much about myself, my body and using my blood in new ways feels so freeing, I feel so connected to my body, to earth, to my human experience. - Elara

How can we use father sun as a way to balance the power within?

Having a healthy balance of the masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) is essential for living in flow, and for embodying a healthy expression of doing and being in flow. For example, our creative projects are nurtured by the feminine. We feel into the idea, into our creations, and water it from a seedling to a bud. Yet it is the masculine, the doing aspect of our being, which brings this creation to full fruition. We need the masculine to bring our feminine creations to life. When we have a balance of the two, we can bring forth our creative projects, and live more embodied lives. - Hannah

And lastly, what ways of the past do you use as inspiration for womb space connection?

So for me tapping into herbalism and working with the plants has been a deeply powerful practise for connecting with my womb space. Like the midwives of old, who used the land and the plants to heal and nurture women after childbirth, or during their bleed, I also love to connect with this very ancient practise. My favourite way to do this is to create herbal body oils, which I anoint myself with when I massage my body and my womb space while I am bleeding. This is both a very intimate and creative practise for me. - Hannah

Before having children, i had keen fascination with the world of herbs, mostly within the world of magic, but after the birth of my daughter, it grew into a passion, I studied herbalism through medicinal purposes and other uses. Every time I work with herbs, I feel like I am home, I feel this reverence for life, for honouring all that know, all that we have known. There is a gentle power, a sensuality in working with plants. There is a sense of being apart of something and growing to know so much more about the land. As if we could ever learn in it all. - Elara

Thank you Elara so much for giving me the space to share this deeply potent work.

Thank you so much beautiful Hannah for all that you bring.

We will be going over this conversation over on IGTV via @staceykassandra So tune in if you would like to hear more and be apart of the conversation.

The conversation will be a live talk via instragra at 8pm 19th of April.

Sending love to all xoxo

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