Womb wilderness with Yaya Samudra

This wilderness, so beautiful, so honest, so open and nurturing, a space of creation, invention and inspiration, the gaining of knowledge for something so vital will pave way for the balance, polarity & the healing of human kind.

Welcome all, to womb wilderness - a series of conversations with womb wisdom keepers, healers and students; men, women & all who choose, where each beautiful being will ponder the questions I pose them, to generously spread their unique knowledge and thoughts for you to ponder too.

Today's questions are asked to the ever so stunning, Yaya Samudra, who not is not only a womb wisdom keeper, but a herbalist, podcast host, healer & so much more. I first came to know Yaya as thewombmystic on instagram, and has since grown further and deeper in awe of all the magic she shares, and gifts us with, including, the beautiful answers to our womb wilderness questions.

Each wonderful person who joins us on this for this series will answer the following five questions in their own unique way, including today's beautiful guest, Yaya Samudra.

They are :

How do we discover the wilderness within and use it to connect to the womb wisdom of mother earth herself?

How do we use this wisdom to create our own realities free from constraints of the past?

How can we use father sun as a way to balance the power within?

What ways of the past do you use as inspiration and for womb space connection?

And lastly, how can learn from the mistakes of the past to gain a clearer understanding of womb health and healing?

I hope you enjoy this beautiful sharing of knowledge, light and healing.

Sending love your way.

Yaya's womb wilderness

As menstruating folks, we are naturally connected with the cycles of nature, the seasons and the moon phases. Rediscovering your inner wilderness simply looks like consistently tracking your menstrual cycle, paying attention to planetary alignments and the moon phases and perhaps journaling what comes up for you as you study these things. Because as you gain more awareness of the natural world, so do you begin to rebuild a bridge to that world from within. Another way of rediscovering your inner wilderness is to study some womb healing practices and beliefs from your own ancestral culture. Try to learn how they cared for their cycles as well as what their earth kinship looked like on a daily basis. How did they honour the earth? The changing seasons and planetary phases? How did they celebrate and honour the stages of life? In what ways do you innately embody these traditions? All of this combined with what I mentioned earlier lays the foundation for what I refer to as womb sovereignty. And symptoms of autonomy and womb sovereignty look like feeling empowered, confident and knowledgeable over ourselves and what our vessels need to thrive. And the relationship we have with our outside world and experiences is mirrored by the inner relationship we have with our wombs. We are not separate from Mother Earth, we are Mother Earth and as womb carriers we are the keepers of the Earth’s wisdom. It all lives inside of us, it always has and always will.

The sun is also known as Shiva in Hindu culture. Shiva is the consort and divine partner to Shakti. They both balance each other and contrary to belief, they are one and the same. Shiva is the masculine, he is the embodiment of yang, and he represents the physical world. Shakti is the divine feminine counterpart. Shakti is the womb, the great void which gave birth to the physical world. Shakti is creation, death and rebirth. She is pure cosmic energy ready and available to all of us at all times. Shiva is the protector, the guide and deliverer. Shakti is the creatrix, the priestess and keeper of wisdom. Shakti is our intuition and Shiva is our intuition put into action. Shakti needs Shiva as much as Shiva needs Shakti, when one is lacking then so is the other. To balance as well as nurture our inner Shiva and Shakti, we need to understand the role both energies play in our lives and in ourselves. Once we understand the individual energies of Shiva and Shakti, we can then see how we embody them harmoniously in every waking moment and how they together affect all that we do.

Womb Spiralling is one of my favourite practices to expel energy as well as a way to invoke energy for my own healing and awakening. I love to play ecstatic music or even afro-beats and just intuitively move my body through whatever I may be feeling or trying to explore. I do this practice often like once a week or even more, if I am feeling super stagnant, ungrounded, or disconnected from my truths. Another practice I like to do regularly is keeping my menstrual cycle and giving it back to the Earth or even using my cycle in rituals and on my altar when doing spell work or an ancestral offering. Our blood holds the DNA of our Ancestors -- all of their wisdom, power, and magic flows through our blood. To work with your blood is to understand your own individual power and purpose as a womb carrier. Our wombs hold the key to life, the key to transformation.

Past, present, and future are all one and the same. They are not separate, they never were. And the sooner we accept this, the sooner our minds can find rest and ease in the truth that all things are connected. All of life is an ever-flowing river of consciousness. There doesn’t need to be an understanding from the mind so long as there is an inner-standing from within the heart and the womb. Both the womb and the heart are connected as we are to all living things. The womb is the centre of gravity for menstruating persons. It is from the womb that we give birth to life, which includes our dreams, our ideas, and our desires. It is from our wombs that we give birth to our egos, to our relationships, our karma, and our dharma or raison d’etre. And it is from within our wombs that we also find access to an infinite ocean of ancestral wisdom. All of this is available to us at any point in time from our womb space. All we have to do is sit, tune in and listen. Feel the wisdom emerge from your womb, breathe new life into this wisdom and let it live through you -- forever guiding you from incarnation to incarnation.

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